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Nigerian Couple Welcomes Triplets After 6 Years Of Infertility And Adopting A Baby (Photos)

A Nigerian fashion designer, Hafsat has given birth to a set of triplets three years after she and her husband adopted a baby girl, PeopleloadedTv reports.

According to an interview granted to Northern Hibiscus, after six years of marriage without a child, Hafsat and Aminu opted for adoption. They adopted a baby girl, who they named princess Zahra, three years ago. 

Their breakthrough came this year as Hafsat conceived and gave birth to three bouncing baby boys on November 13th. 

Northern Hibiscus’s wrote on Facebook:

“After going through infertility for 6 years Aminu and hafsat opted for adoption.
They adopted thier little princess zahra.
When i heard about it i was sooo excited. 
(Kusan how passionate i am akan adoption) har mukayi masu interview.
(Interview on our website) mu kayi photoshot with @georgeokoro
As ALLAH would have it 3 years later, ALLAH has blessed them with not 1, not 2 but 3 bouncing baby boys at a go.
Which of ALLAH’s vlessings can we deny.
Wannan shine jinkirin da ya zama alheri.
Congratulations guys.
I am so Overwhelmed 
Alhamdulillah @the_cicada
ALLAH ya raya mana yan uku”

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